Happy Birthday, Babe!

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Happy Monday!

I want to take today to make a little belated appreciation post for the love of my life, Megan. Her birthday was on Friday and – although we spent the day together playing at the aquarium, pigging out on carbs for the first time in a month, and blowing all of our money at the mall – I wanted to make a little statement here.

I met Megan just a couple weeks before her 20th birthday, and we fell in love almost immediately. I feel incredibly lucky to be here four years later, spoiling her on her 24th birthday and being in awe of all the ways I’ve watched her grow and change throughout the years. So much can change so quickly at our age, and you’ve handled (most of) these changes with grace and a strength I’ve always envied. You take things as they come, and – when the years refuse to slow down – you dream up some big way to enjoy the ride.

I won’t get too sentimental (I’m saving that for our anniversary next month!) but I will say this – I hope that you all find ways to celebrate the ones you love every single day…and a little bit extra on the days that are really special.

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Happy birthday, babe.



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